Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fitting In

Has anyone else had the feel of "not fitting in" at meetings?
I certainly did for quite some time; having difficulty identifying
with anyone, or their stories.
I was assured that no one in the room was unique.

That news did not sit well with me, since I was sure that I was.
Well it turns out that my personal experiences are unique; but
the disease of addiction is a common bond we all share.

Sure everyone has a different bottom, social status and heritage;
yet we all seem to end up in the same place mentally and spiritually.
It is that emotional void and feeling of isolation that addiction leads to,
which we all can identify with.

Now I try to see the similarities I share, rather than the differences.
While my path of destruction may have been unique, the journey to
recovery has the feelings of unity, oneness and sharing of a common goal.

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Kathy Lynne said...

Yes I felt that way and still do. I can understand it too as there is a special bond between people who are getting sober togehter and when you come in new, well, you're new. But if you stick around you ending up getting sober with people and now you fit in. Does any of that make sense???

Fireman John said...

for me, there is still that rebellious, non conforming style that rubs folks the wrong way.
I just can't blindly subscribe to all of AA's ways.