Monday, January 19, 2009

10 recovery questions...

1.) at what age or stage of your life, did you
realize you were substance dependent?

2.)is there addiction in your family?

3.)how important is prayer and belief in
a higher power?

4.) do you believe there is a spiritual
solution to addiction?

5.)if medication were available that allowed
you to drink safely, would you take it?

6.)which meeting format is most beneficial
to you?

7.)how important and helpful is the
sponsor-sponsee relationship?

8.)is it possible to just "mature-out"
of substance abuse?

9.)would you prefer to not be an
alcoholic or addict?

10.)are you breathing now? that was the actual
last question on the psychological exam i took
in 1975, for the the Fire Dept.

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clean and crazy said...

Thanks for those Questions John as for the answers 1.24- 2. yes- 3. very there is no recovery without it- 4.yes, 12 of them- 5.Not now, if you asked me in active addiction I would have said yes- 6. Any NA meeting works for me- 7. top priority right up there with a CC with your HP- 8. No- 9. addict of course- 10. yes

Kathy Lynne said...

1) not until my 40's. Before then, i just thought i was like everyone else.

2) yes

3) most

4) yes

5) no

6) round robin

7) very

8) depends..I think I matured out of drug abuse in my teens....I never matured out of alcohol abuse because I am an alcoholic

9) maybe. would I rather not have made an ass of myself, sinking to total demoraliztion. yes. If i could be where I am today without it..yes. But I believe to reach my spiritual awakening I had to be an alcoholic. So I am grateful for it.

10) really? why? and yes

Shadow said...

interesting questions. were these part of a standard psychological exam?

Recovery said...

Your blog rocks. I nominated it for the Lemonade Award. If you participate in this kinna thing, you can pick it up on my blog.

May God bless you and your family.


Recovery Rocks!

Fireman John said...

i just made up the list;
but #10 was the actual
last question on our psych test for the BFD.

thanks to all who responded!!
my reader list is small...
but faithful!