Wednesday, January 14, 2009

step 2

the second step to me is all about
the abc's.

acceptance, balance and control.

until i was able to accept who i was
and what i had become, my life
was stuck in neutral.

i had to balance the elements of will.
we are all born with free will;
develop a degree of self-will, and
have various perceptions of what
god's will is.

the only conclusion i had about god's
will was that it was NOT for me to
slowly destroy the good health i
had been blessed with.

i have never believed in a punishing
higher power, nor have i ever prayed
for any "thing", in particular.

letting go of trying to control everyone
and every thing helped keep pride
and ego in check.

i still don't agree that most of us
are insane upon entering recovery.
we are merely following that primitive
part of our brain that craves intoxication.
it has no conscience, or fear of consequences.
that is not insanity, but an uncontrollable
urge to alter our consciousness;
the way humans have been doing for
thousands of years.

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Shadow said...

i like your abc's

clean and crazy said...

the definition of insanity is simple, repeating the same behavior over and over and expecting different results. For me I kept doing the same patterns of getting high to make things better and it never got any better, so I was insane. Since I never tried quitting before, I thought I would give it a try, I am glad I did, I like your abc's too.