Friday, January 30, 2009

g-o-y-a mode

implementing the goya method
for outlook improvement and
attitude adjustment.

simply it's,
get off your ass!

what a novel concept;
hello john; it's 70 degrees
outside and you're on the computer.

less than 1500 feet away are a
fitness center, pool, and tennis court.
at least i did get out yesterday,
took a walk, and placed an offer on a house.

on the bright side, i am striving to
learn more about addiction and
recovery every day.

top 100 is my first stop every
morning. then it's google reader,
where i can view the many
blogs i subscribe to.

still waiting for for some french
or german guy to discover a
pill that will allow me to drink

till then i'll use abstinence,
as a way to sobriety,
leading to continued recovery,
hopefully resulting in ultimate
good health.

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~ Tabitha ~ said...

I can relate.Practicing balance is important so we stay healthy.And not putting the alcohol into your body is how you balance your sobriety.And your sober blogs:)

Hope you have a nice weekend!

Akannie said...


We have a Friday night 12 and 12 meeting here called GOYA.

Took me a while to figure out what it stood for!

Shadow said...

well this was fun to read.

RipGurl said...

ROFL: that made me giggle....
now i have a new acronym for my lack of enthusiasm.
wait till i use it on the kids....

ROFL-rolling on the floor laughing
(as if you didn't know already)

clean and crazy said...

I got off my ass today, Ha! I still haven't been to the gym in a week though I will definitely be going on Monday.