Saturday, January 17, 2009

who am i?

when i hear folks stating that they are
first and foremost an alcoholic, i have to
ask myself; is that how i view who i am?

i choose to identify myself first as a father,
son, partner and friend, before applying
the label of alcoholic. i am a person who
happens to have a malady; what i refer
to, as an avoidable allergy.

it's not in the air or the water, is not
malignant and has no known cause or cure.

there are those who only associate with
others in the program; the "stick with
the winners" crowd.

while that is a safe way to begin
sobriety, it can become an impediment
to continued recovery.

the majority of the world is not in
recovery, and i choose to associate
with a variety of people, provided
they respect my decision to abstain.

today, meetings, sponsors and service
are a part of my life; however they
are not my whole identity.

i digress from those who resign
themselves to separate the world
into an "us vs them" mentality.

women are not from venus,
and men are not from mars;
i am no different from what
"program speak" refers to,
as earth people or normies.

we are all sons & daughters,
mothers & fathers,
husbands & wives...
before we announce-

i am _______, alcoholic.

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Shadow said...

i agree with you. i am many things, before i am an alcoholic. important in the beginning to build up strength, but it shouldn't stay first out there. that would mean (to me, anyway) growth would be stunted and one couldn't advance further towards leading a normal interactive life. interesting post this. has the sunshine thawed the brain, heee heee heee

Indigo said...

Thank you! My thoughts exactly. I had a recent flood of emails complaining if I was indeed in recovery why wasn't it foremost on my journal. Simply put, it's only one part of who I am as a person.

RipGurl said...

Wow, this about wraps it up for me. I am not in the AA program, but have been to meetings. I find that they are in fact how the church used to be: member directed, rather than directed by a leader (pastor, priest, minister). However, like church, they can also be filled with human failings, no surprise.

We can be so complicated...