Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The REAL Cost of Alcohol

Although the financial consequences happen slower than with drug addiction, alcohol is sometimes like the tortoise that wins the race with the rabbit.
The ability to continue drinking for long periods of time is reinforced because #1. it's legal, #2. it's socially acceptable and #3., it's harder to spot.
Just look at the productivity levels of us while hungover, nauseous, or day-dreaming about the next cocktail. Then there are the high absentee rates and myriad of illnesses that accompany heavy drinking.
Our ability to maintain a personal relationship also suffers greatly. How many times have we said,"I'm sorry", or nothing at all when challenged about our behavior?
When the prime directive in life becomes planning, procuring, and consuming alcohol, there is little room left for much else.
The sad part for me, was that while this was happening, I was oblivious to it;never realizing the long -term consequences of my actions or inaction. All the while I thought I was doing a great job as a husband, father, Firefighter and all-around cool guy. WRONG!!!
That was where my inflated ego and pride prevented me from seeing the true picture of the damage i was inflicting on those closest to me.
Today I have to remember what I became and not let the memory of the "good old times" allow me minimize or justify any of it.
My best amends today are simply in following this path of recovery, looking at my behaviors and evaluating on a daily basis, if I am living an honest, productive and serene lifestyle.

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Mike Youmans said...

Nice job, John. When identifying with alcoholics, I always think: I did my drugs alcoholically. ;-)
Glad to see you're still into the cyber-scene!

Sandy said...

I think the person you have grown to be is wonderful!!!! Altho I feel bad that you had to experience all that, it's cool that out of that experience you can now help and understand others who may have similar struggles!!! God Bless you!!!!

Unknown said...

A STEPPER goes to a psychiatrist. "Doc, I keep having these alternating recurring dreams. First I'm Bill Wilson; then I'm Bob Smith; then I'm Bill Wilson; then I'm Bob Smith. It's driving me crazy. What's wrong with me?" The doctor replies: "It's very simple. You're a BILL AND BOB CLONE." [wink] [wink].

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...
When i drink, fear is gone. is AA about confronting fear?

MICKY said...
The secret is to feel your FEAR in your body and understand that it is not about, NOW - but unprocessed "stuff" from your childhood. AA will SUPPRESS your FEAR but if you stop going to meetings your FEAR will eventually surface, again. Why do you think STEPPERS still go to meetings after 30 – 40 years sober? AA doesn't deal with the causes of your FEAR (childhood). I suggest you see a good therapist (who has processed his/her own history) who can help you process your FEAR and release you from your "psychological prison”. 12 Step programs per se will eventually send you insane because one is not RECOVERING (inner child) and the feelings (fear, pain and shame) are not being processed. That is why most STEPPERS are also RAGEAHOLICS [emotionally shutdown, shift shaping reptiles]. Get out, or end up as just another victim of Satan (AA) who prowls around like a ROARING LION, waiting for someone to devour.

Unknown said...

Nowhere in the 12 steps does it say that you should quit drinking, or help anyone else to quit drinking, either. Nowhere do the words SOBRIETY, RECOVERY, ABSTINENCE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS, JOY, & LOVE appear in the 12 Steps. The word ‘alcohol’ is only used once, when it was PATCHED into the 1st Step for the word “sin.” But Wilson wrote “ We are powerless over ‘alcohol’… Oxford Group Slogan; “We are powerless over sin & have been defeated by it.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...
Micky, you need help. Medical and Pharmaceutical. Oh, yeah, and a LIFE!

Micky's Comments:
Greetings Anonymous
I felt some pain reading your comments. Did you know that JESUS CHRIST, died on a cross for you sins, Anonymous? You are obviously a COWARD or a PSYCHOPATH? . SATAN has kept you sober and I imagine you were FROTHING at the mouth when you posted your comments (DIATRIBE}. You have become a SHAPE SHIFTING REPTILE after years of being exposed to BUCHMANISM. You might need to change your medication? Has your brain has been altered, through AA BRAINWASHING, Anonymous? Are you a DRUG ADDICT? Were you abused as a child, Anonymous? How do you FEEL, Bill Wilson CLONE?

Unknown said...

Mr. Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) and creator of the twelve step program. Mr. Wilson was heavily influenced by demons. Chapter sixteen (p. 275f) of 'Pass It On' The Story of Bill Wilson and how the A.A. message reached the world records Mr. Wilson's use of the ouija board, participation in seances, psychic events, "spook sessions", table levitation, and how he would receive "messages" from "discarnate" spirits. Bill Wilson was clearly in contact with demons, and this is the man who created the deceptive twelve step program. Make a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him. (step #11. Emphasis added.) The last part of this statement ("as we understood Him") is enough to damn your soul! God says, Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5). This is the exact opposite of "God as we understood Him." All men, according to Romans 1:18-32, are condemned before God, because they rely upon their own understanding (Romans 1:21; Ephesians 4:18, "having their understanding darkened"), and they create (in their own darkened minds) a god of their own making (Romans 1:23). To encourage people to turn their "lives over to the care of God as we understood Him", is to encourage people to "turn their lives over to a god of their own making" (i.e. according to their own understanding). This promotes nothing more than spiritual death (Revelation 22:15). In addition, these twelve steps are a deceitful attack against the saving work of the Lord Jesus Christ (i.e. they are against Christ, antichrist, 2 John 7; Colossians 2:8-10). The twelve steps are (as Mr. Wilson used them) given as an answer (a way) in which one can overcome sin (with Mr. Wilson's case, the sin of drunkenness). Jesus Christ is the ONLY answer for sin. He is the only way (John 14:6). There is only ONE "step", and that is faith in the Savior (Ephesians 2:8/Matthew 1:21/John 8:36/Romans10:13)! The above exemplifies the "twelve steps" are what are used to "become free from addictive, compulsive" behavior (i.e. sin). In other words, the twelve steps are the savior! No doubt it is deceptive, because "Biblical principles" are interwoven throughout; but if they weren't, few (if any) would be deceived. One good question to ask would be, "Where does Scripture talk about any 'twelve steps'"? The answer? Nowhere! These twelve steps come from Satan (via Bill Wilson), who is the master deceiver (Revelation 12:9). Remember, Satan used Scripture to tempt Christ (Matthew 4:6), and Balaam spoke much truth (Numbers 23-24); but he was a false prophet (2 Peter 2:15-16/Numbers 22). In Matthew 7:13-14 Jesus warned, Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it. Jesus likewise warned in Luke 13:24, Strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many, I say to you, will seek to enter and will not be able.

Fireman John said...

micky, you are a rambling, ranting, bible quoting Aussie
Asswipe. Your site is a childish collection of psuedo-psych fanatical babble. I hope you continue to be an inspiration to both of your faithful readers.
The rest of the world wants no part of your insanity.