Friday, October 24, 2008

genetics & enviornment

i was recently asked if my addiction was a
product of genetics or environment.
there was no alcoholism in my immediate
family, with the exception of my mom's
two brothers.

my father came from a non-drinking family.
researchers are mixed about the genetic
influence concerning addiction.
some believe in a "generation-skip" theory.

there was nothing in my formative years
to influence my views about alcohol.

there was nothing instantly appealing or
eye-opening about my intro to drinking.
it was an interesting feeling and i enjoyed
the relaxed feeling it provided.

my tolerance level was quite low, and i
could get feeling good on 3 beers.

slowly, drinking began to become more
prevalent. between parties, nights out
with the boys or after sports, i found
myself able to handle a bit more.

it took many years of social drinking
to progress to heavy. from that point
it slowly became a dependence.

it is to my disadvantage, having so
many good times to recall, that prevented
me from getting help sooner.

it was hard to accept that i could not
drink normally any more.

euphoric recall is a powerful force;
my mid-brain has no conscience, or
fear of consequences. it only knows
the joy of intoxication.

this is a major stumbling block for
anyone attempting to get sober.

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Kathy Lynne said...

yes exactly. I had great times and I entertained people as well. But there was always a back story. Getting sick in the morning, passing out, sneaking..etc. I'm glad I'm sober.

Shadow said...

euphoric recall is a nightmare. the desire to go back to that state of pre-dependency... highly unlikely...

Findon said...

John .I've just come across your blog. I like it. I hope you don't mind if I vist regularly. Many Thanks