Thursday, October 2, 2008

social drinking

my view now is, let those who can,
drink and be merry.
don't get me wrong, I still retain a
bit of envy watching folks imbibe socially.

it's quite amusing, observing the various
stages of intoxication.
from the amorous stare, to the ominous glare,
the belly laughs, to the angry shouts, it always
runs the gamut of human emotions.

sure I miss that release from inhibition and
easy laughter, but not enough to forget the
consequences of where I left off.

my main concern for the social drinker is to
be wary of getting behind the wheel;
even the non-alcoholic is subject to ego and
overconfidence after some liquid courage.

it is possible for many to drink safely;
just not me.

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Shadow said...

someone once said that what you say and do when drinking/drunk, is the true you... you think????

Sobermojo said...

I found myslef watching several social drinkers relish in their intoxication on Tuesday night, and boy was I jealous. I watched them like I was in prison looking through the glass wishing I could be free. Until I remembered that I am free, free from what social drinking led to and I am grateful for every second of it.