Monday, May 26, 2008

another day in the bank

a holiday weekend sober; what a concept!

for a while it seemed almost odd to enjoy myself
without adding booze.

it is refreshing to be able to interact, entertain
and have a good time with folks without the
formerly standard supply of alcohol.

while this comfy feeling hasn't come quickly,
it kind of gradually happened over time.

all the old "romancing the high" thoughts have
finally faded into near obscurity.

I try to never judge those who drink,
and I'm never ashamed to admit I enjoyed it,
but now just explain that; "what used to turn me on,
turned on me"!

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Shadow said...

hmmm, having any kind of fun without alcohol was an unknown concept up until a year and a half ago for me.... nevermind a long weekend. things change, fortunately!

~Tyra~ said...

I love that statement-what used to turn me on, turned on true.

laly.summer.angel said...

hey , i just ran into your blog and i really liked it . i just created my blog that is focused on my recovery , so if you wanna check it out i would love it . it is cool to find people that actually want to be better and blogs that helps us to become better. keep it up.

Its Always Rainin In My Head... said...

I found your blog via Shadow's (TY Shadow!)...

I love what I've read and have added you to my reader to check every day!

Well, one day at a time, of course!


Thanks! I look forward to reading you!