Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nature vs. Nurture

The consensus among modern health care professionals, including the American Medical Association (AMA), is that drug addiction is a disease. Theories concerning its origins embody the classic "nature vs. nurture" arguments: Does one become an addict because of genetics, environment and upbringing, or a combination thereof? It may be safely concluded that the origins of drug addiction are many, and complex.

There is no real evidence of the dominance of one over the other.
this is a difficult diagnosis to make, considering the various paths
alcoholics and addicts take throughout their experience with substance

I am encouraged that the research is geared to exploring every
avenue, and not just concluding "it's just this, or only that".

The bottom line for me is, it doesn't really matter.
Spending years analyzing how and why I progressed
to the point of no return, was an exercise in futility.

curiosity still exists as to the how and why, but today
my research is done through our sober house and
from a myriad of experts in the fields of psychology,
sociology, medicine and good old fashioned trial
and error.

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Shadow said...

what is, is. i have to accept it to fix it. where it stems from is an interesting exercise in gaining knowledge about yourself, but will not cure it or help make it better. it may even cause resentment and that horrid 'i can't help it because...' syndrome.